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Understanding your horses back

HIOAlthough not the most common injury in horses, back pain can sometimes be a reason for a horse’s grumpiness and unwillingness to move fluidly.

With a range of different causes and a spectrum of the anatomy from which to affect (neck to tail), back injuries can sometimes to be a challenge to diagnose and treat.



Anatomical painting is a unique, fun and informative way to learn about youhorse’s skeleton. Led by Gillian Higgins from HORSES INSIDE OUT, this practical workshop will focus on the structure and function of the spine. This activity will be followed by an interactive veterinary seminar covering common conditions that affect the back, neck and pelvis and how to recognise the signs. The aim of the course is to help understand more about skeletal anatomy, which will enable you to ride, train and manage your horse for optimum health and well being.

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IMGP1499What you’ll learn on the day

  • Have an understanding of the structure and function of the horse’s skeleton
  • Recognise the attributes and range of movement of the 5 sections of the spine
  • Understand how limb conformation, movement and pain influences the back
  • Learn about training from the anatomical perspective
  • Understand the importance of good posture
  • Identify bony landmarks
  • Learn about saddle positioning
  • Learn how to tell if your horse has back pain
  • Understand the common causes of back pain