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How horses learn

how horses learn

Horses often develop behavioural problems, which can escalate to the point where their owners are no longer able to cope. By understanding how horses learn we can re-train these behaviours, which will ultimately result in a calm, obedient and happier horse.  

Learning theory has been recognised by experts worldwide as the most effective way to train or re-train horses and in fact any species.  During the first part of this workshop you will gain a thorough understanding of how horses learn and with help from an experienced equine vet and equine behaviourist you will be able to specifically address your horses problem behaviour or improve performance through new training skills.HHL article

You are encouraged to bring your own horse along to this workshop; the second part of the workshop is all hands on with the horses, starting with the assessment of certain behaviours and beginning to retrain them. The workshop finishes with a fun session of clicker training to shape behaviours such as training your horse to touch his nose to a cone!  Click here to see an article written about this workshop in Your Horse magazine.

This workshop will teach you how to:Castle Eq Skills

  • Understand how horses learn
  • Appreciate why problem behaviours occur
  • Learn to recognise some clinical conditions that might manifest themselves as behavioural issues
  • Begin the application of your new knowledge to your horse alongside an experienced equine behaviourist before taking your new skills and knowledge home to practice





A success story! 

Here is a video of ‘Danny’ a 6 year old gelding. Danny’s owner Siana came along to a How Horses Learn workshop as Danny had a few issues that Siana wanted to improve including stressing when on his own and not loading well. Danny didn’t come to the workshop with Siana due to not loading well! After implementing the new techniques Siana learnt on the workshop and from working through the included factbook, this is how Danny loads now!