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Feeding Fundamentals

horse2An appropriate diet and weight management is essential for a healthy horse or pony. Owners of the competition horse in training, the perpetual good-doer who suffers from mild bouts of laminitis or the retired old friend who is enjoying their twilight years, will all have one thing in common – how do you feed them appropriately to maintain health and avoid disease?

This EquineSkills workshop is designed not only to answer this question but dig a little deeper. The gastrointestinal system is complex but through interactive and lecture-based sessions we guide you through the structures making up this system, their function and help you appreciate what happens when things go wrong.

There is an increasing awareness of how important the horse’s diet is when managing clinical disease; not only primary gastrointestinal disease, but other conditions such as laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome and arthritis. There seems to be a feed product available to help manage all of these conditions and more – but is it really that simple? Guiding you through the minefield of nutritional management, we provide you with core principals for scenarios you are likely to encounter as an owner. Practical sessions will give you confidence to body condition score your horse correctly and create an appropriate nutrition plan so your horse will safely lose, maintain or gain weight as necessary.

Learning outcomes

•Understand the normal anatomy of the horses digestive system and appreciate the main functions of each section

•Be able to recognise common gastrointestinal diseases and their presenting signs.

•Be confident in assessing your horses weight by body condition scoring.

•Understand the core nutritional requirements for common diseases benefiting from dietary control.

•Be confident in managing your horse’s diet appropriately to maintain a healthy body condition.

This workshop has been kindly sponsored by Merial.