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Equine foot care

Excellent foot care and understanding of the anatomy of the equine hoof is vital to maintain long-term soundness and performance of your horse. The equine foot is a very common site of lameness. Ensuring your horse has good hoof health through a team approach from you, your vet and your farrier can prevent many foot conditions.

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This interactive workshop will equip you with a thorough knowledge of foot anatomy, common causes of foot lameness and how to keep your horses hooves healthy.

 Learning outcomes

  • Understand the normal anatomy of the hoof and surrounding structures
  • Be able to spot common causes of foot lameness
  • Top tips for poulticing your horse’s foot and how to keep them in an optimum condition
  • Gain an awareness of the different types of shoe available and which conditions they may be used fo
  • Learn how to assess the significance of penetrating injuries to the foot

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Let EquineSkills Foot Care help you Keep One Step Ahead! 

During May, June and July, XLEquine are running a collaborative foot care campaign with World Horse Welfare called ‘Keep one step ahead’ to improve hoof health among the UK population of horses. We feel passionately that by working together as a team of three – vet, farrier and horse owner, we can achieve the best possible care for your horse’s feet. Find out more about Keep One Step Ahead here.