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Old Friends

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Price: £40.00

A must for anyone with an older horse/pony, or anyone dealing with friends who own older horses/ponies. This workshop covers the health issues that are faced by older horses and ponies and teaches you how to best care for them. The workshop also covers the difficult topic of preparing to say goodbye and prepares you for the kinds of decisions you will need to face. The session is being delivered by an experienced equine vet who is also trained in dealing with bereavement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to care for older equines; the clinical conditions that affect them and the signs to look out for
  • Learn what you can do to make your old friend more comfortable if they are dealing with a chronic condition
  • Preparing to say goodbye. How do you know when the time is right, what should you consider, what should you expect

Additional Info

Cost (inc. VAT): £40.00
Trainer(s): TBA
Date: 25 Nov 2017
Start Time: 2pm
Duration: 4 Hours
Address: TBA

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